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Nourishing Harmonies

Nourishing Harmonies:  workshops to share experimental voice work

What is it?
We invite you to join us in an opportunity to sing outside of the box.  We offer you sublime harmonic experiences, vocal experiments and no-strings-attached on-the-spot song-making all wrapped up in our usual warm circle.  You'll leave the workshop feeling well-fed with reverberating sound-food.

What to expect
You can expect more chanting and fewer long songs; no word sheets but a little more group improvisation; extended periods of singing the same phrases yet even more encouragement to try out new ones too.  We want to you to be able to immerse yourself in the whole group experience without being distracted by complicated lyrics or melodies.

Circle Singing is a type of group improvisation where no one individual is ever put on the spot to 'invent' a part.  The leader stands in the middle of the circle and provides small groups, one at a time, with parts to sing.  The song gradually builds up around the circle creating harmonies and rhythms entirely owned by the group.  Each song is unique and each circle builds a new sound-world.

Here's what our new participants said:

"New things can be a bit scary but Circle Singing is good scary like an adventure into sound.  No words to remember just hang on to a simple repeating pattern of sounds and be part of something magic unfolding.  You're never quite sure what it's going to be but you're part of it and its absorbing.  Beware though it's also potentially a little bit addictive!  In between each mini adventure you get to relax into a more traditional short song to flow along to.  Perfect.  Brain cells, vocal chords and happy heart all in one session!"

"Circle Singing has been fascinating.  It can be transporting and meditative; it can be a bit of a challenge, too.  Sometimes you lose your thread, and worry that you're spoiling it for everyone else.  But Kate is such a brilliant, intuitive teacher that she will spot your hesitation, catch your eye, and get you back on track.  And nobody minds anyway!  More often, you get it.  You pick it up, it all comes together and you can revel in the harmonies and sounds that you're creating with the people around you."

Access & Preparation
You don't need to bring anything with you except a willingness to be generous with your time and with your voice.  Leave you preconceptions at the door and arrive to share in a peaceful yet energizing two and a half hour workshop.

Wear loose comfortable clothing so that you can use the space to your advantage.  Sitting or lying on the floor may be the best way to enjoy a particular piece of music.  You may want to bring a blanket or a cushion to get really relaxed.

Dates and forthcoming workshops (all at Wanborough Village Hall) are:  5th February 2022.

For all booking information go to our  Calendar  page and click on the relevant workshop date.

More comments from new participants:

"It was a good blend of regular and circle singing...  For me it was uplifting and energising."

"I found it challenging and uplifting and the bringing together of all our voices in sound very moving.  It was a very new experience for me."

"Gradually different melodies were layered one on top of another to create a wonderfully immersive experience of sound."

"It was such an exciting experience to be involved with - a truely nourishing sound bath of harmonies."

"I had a sense of the group becoming an integrated, open and listening whole.  Exeryone expectantly attentive...  It was a wonderful, resonant and embodied experience, which I thoroughly recommend."

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