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What We Do

What we do

As members of the  Natural Voice Practitioners Network  we believe that singing is everyone's birth-right, regardless of musical experience or ability, and we enjoy building accepting, non-judgmental communities of people that sing together.

As well as leading our regular community choirs in  Swindon  and  Cirencester  we also run:
  • singing for health & well-being groups
      where participants are on recovery journeys and re-building confidence
  • team-building events
      workplace teams coming together to share an experience and strengthen the services they provide
  • voices for hire
      as a small close-harmony singing group we can sing - or lead your friends & family to sing for you - at
      your special occasion e.g. weddings, hen parties, birthdays, funerals
For further details please see our:  Terms & Conditions

How we do it
  • We work with groups of any ability
  • We welcome people who think they can't sing
  • We enable people to hear and enjoy their own voice while singing with others
It's about welcoming all voices into a group without audition and working from there to make a group sound. We learn songs together by ear and nobody needs to read music.

How we don't do it
  • We don't hold auditions
  • We don't ask anyone to sing alone
  • We don't ask anyone to read music notes

Team approach

In our team approach we teach 3 or 4 part songs to groups of people concurrently.  You will be singing brilliant harmonies within minutes!

We bring you a wealth of experience in the fields of health, community work and teaching, as well as singing and music.

What they say ...

... singing for health and wellbeing
  • "It doesn't matter what people say, I can sing."
  • "It's good for the soul."
  • "Getting together in the group means I'm socialising, plus growing in confidence every week."

... about pop-up choirs
  • "The sharing of an unusual experience with colleagues helps morale, team cohesion and expands our understanding of each other."
  • "Loved It!  Magic!  Pure awesome!

... about team building events
  • "Harmonising helps working as a team."
  • "Honestly one of the best activities Ive been involved with in 17 years with the learning and development field."
  • "Great team builder and the positives on the body and mood are amazing...."

... about InVoice
  • "They are passionate about what they do."
  • "Great group leaders - really enjoyed it."
  • "You were all so enthusiastic and shared your enthusiasm with us."

Contact us:  InVoice@singtastic.co.uk

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